Texas Republicans Cut Environmental Regulations And Now Black Sludge Is Coming Out Instead Of Tap Water

A disgusting black sludge is coming out of residents’ faucets in Crystal City, Texas, and the people are left helpless to do anything about it. The reason is¬†because everyone but a single individual that served in elected city government got arrested recently by the FBI for a slew of charges, including accepting bribes for official actions like contract awards, tax giveaways, using inspections to muscle out certain businesses on behalf of others, immigrant smuggling and operating illegal gambling establishments.

The filth coming from the town taps caused schools to close early, after a decision made by Superintendent Imelda Allen. “There’s not really anyone in charge to oversee and do make people aware of the condition of the water. So I wasn’t going to wait for anyone to call me from City Hall. I know that leadership is not present at the time,” Allen was quoted as saying.

This is the actual water coming out of the faucets in Crystal City.

crystal city

Crystal City’s water – Direct from the faucet: Credit: Crystal City Facebook Page

An unknown Crystal City employee took to the City’s Facebook page to comment on the issue and try to make residents aware of the problem, by saying “boil water if necessary.”¬†If necessary? Way more than boiling is necessary with the water in this picture.

There is a lesson to be learned with this. The lesson is that the Republican argument of not needing proper government is utter nonsense. These people have a problem, and there is nobody home to take their calls because their entire elected governmental body is simply not there anymore.

City staffers tried flushing the water by opening hydrants to drain the lines. They also announced that they thought the condition was caused by flushing a water tank that had not been cleaned for nearly 30 years. It is still not clear if the problem has been fully resolved and the water is safe, though. Next time a Republicans talks about how government does nothing good for people, ask them who they would call if their municipal water looked like this.

Featured image via KSAT