It Begins: Supreme Court Rejects Racially Gerrymandered N.C. Districts

This the worst fear of Republicans, conservatives and billionaires. The Supreme Court has turned its back on the GOP’s over-the-top racism and voter suppression. Two of North Carolina’s congressional districts were so gerrymandered that they might as well spell out “Whites Only” on the map. But not for much longer…

Via Raw Story:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected a request to stay a ruling that two congressional districts in North Carolina were racially gerrymandered in a 2011 redistricting and needed to be redrawn within two weeks.

A panel of federal judges this month barred elections in the majority black districts, the 1st and the 12th, until new maps are approved, calling the current maps unconstitutional. Congressional primaries in the state are set for March 15.

This is only going to get worse for the GOP from here. When Republicans swept to power on a tidal wave of blinding rage and racism in 2010, they immediately started passing Voter ID laws, cut polling stations, reduced the voting hours and, of course, took gerrymandering to a whole new level. They knew that their base of angry old racists was dying, and the only way to stay in power was to rig the elections.

But all of this relied on a Supreme Court that would turn a mostly blind eye to all but the most obviously racist voter suppression. With the death the Antonin Scalia, the Court will move to the left and then move left againĀ under the next (Democratic) president. More lawsuits will be brought against Republican gerrymandering and with the precedent set, Republicans will be forced to draw more competitive districts and that will lead to the loss of the House.

Now you know why conservatives are freaking out over filling Scalia’s seat. As the Court slowly undoes the damage, expect to see the right become ever more hysterical.

Featured image via Benn Stancil