WATCH: The Top Four Reasons Ted Cruz Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump (VIDEO)

At this point in the race, it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump would be a disaster for the country. His divisive and racist statements about Mexicans and Muslims have caused an uproar with many. His policies on everything from foreign policy to economics are incoherent and juvenile and he would most certainly be dangerous as the next president of the United States. However, there’s someone way more dangerous lurking just behind Trump, and that’s Texas senator Ted Cruz.

Yes, it’s been established that Cruz is quite a creepy guy and I’m not only referring to his facial expressions or his smirk. Just take a look at what he and his campaign did in Iowa. His campaign propagated that Ben Carson dropped out of the race to get people to vote for Cruz. His campaign also sent out mailers to voters to guilt them into voting for Cruz. However, those alone aren’t the reasons. Here is just the first of four reasons why Ted Cruz is the most dangerous person lurking around for the presidency: Number one, Cruz is an ideologue:

“Cruz is driven by ideology. Cruz doesn’t think there’s man made climate change, he rejects same sex marriage, wants to abolish the IRS, holds that everyone has a right to guns, and thinks that there should be no divide between church and state, loves the death penalty, rejects immigration reform, demand the repeal of Obamacare, and he takes a strict originalist view of the Constitution.”

And that’s just the first reason!

Watch the rest of the reasons here:

Featured Image Via Video Screen Capture.