Someone Just Turned The Lights Off On Donald Trump (VIDEO)

It looks as though someone just finally had enough of looking at Donald Trump’s face, because at a rally on Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia, while Trump was in the midst of speaking, the spotlight lighting up the stage went completely dark.

According to the Associated Press:

“A protester at a Donald Trump rally in Atlanta, Georgia cut the spotlights Sunday, prompting a surreal scene in which Trump led his supporters in a chant of “Turn off the lights!”

Lighting director Bob Hunter told The Associated Press that he stepped away from his booth near the front of the stage for a quick bathroom break.

He returned to a chaotic scene with shouts in his headset letting him know the lights were off. He said people in the area told him a protester had reached over and pulled a wire.”

However, Trump being the Trumpiest Trump that he could be, played it of, saying, “They didn’t pay the electric bill.” Even going so far as to say that he preferred the light being off. God forbid he be seen getting bested by a protester. Oh, heavens no. So, once the lights were restored he said, “They’re too bright, turn them off!” and gets his minions to chant, “Turn off the lights!” It was then that the lighting director quickly obliged.

Now, whether it was a protester or just a technical difficulty, that has yet to be fully determined, but either way, it is very true that Donald Trump looks much better with the lights off. Hell, even he agrees.

Watch all the mayhem unfold below:

Featured image via Screengrab  from CNN