The Church Is Dead, We’re Close To Another 9/11: Glenn Beck Freaks Out As Ted Cruz Loses

After winning the Iowa caucus, Ted Cruz is following the pattern of the last two Republicans who won that contest and fading out of the presidential top tier, losing both the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. This is very sad for self-described “rodeo clown” and conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

Beck endorsed Cruz and has been on the trail with the candidate, touting him as the direct heir to George Washington. But now that Cruz’s path to the presidency is getting bumpy, Beck is starting to sound somewhat detached from reality.

Beck has called for Cruz supporters to join him in a fast in honor of the candidate. If that sounds like a strange thing to do you aren’t alone. Even among conservatives, some have pushed back on Beck’s suggestion.

In response, Beck is now saying that the backlash proves that the church is “dead.” He wrote a message to his followers on Facebook as part of his push back:

Since when has a fast and prayer been crazy?

It was standard practice to beseech the powers of heaven for not just your country but personal guidance and revelation at one time.

Have we really become a nation that mocks those who pray and fast?

The sad answer is yes.

I am not telling you who to vote for. I am asking people to pray and humble themselves before the Lord. If you wish to do that for your candidate please do so. God will not answer you or me. With prayer and fasting, approached with humility and a broken heart, we may fall closer into alignment with His will.

Beck goes on to say that “we are closer to losing our nation and Liberty than we were on September 11th.” In his view, candidates like Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are not pure of heart enough to save America the way that Ted Cruz would.

Beck is prone to dramatics and oddball announcements — which are part of the reason he was eventually let go from Fox News.

Having a freak out over Ted Cruz’s lackluster performance is just the latest episode of Beck having a tantrum when he doesn’t get his own way.

Featured image via YouTube