‘Christian’ Website Offers Tips On ‘How To Help Women Learn Their Place’

Our society has a problem. No, we’re not talking about poverty, inequality, racism, a possible Trump presidency, or anything like that. According to Christian website Biblical Gender Roles, women just don’t know their place anymore. This website regularly gives Christians helpful information, like that marital rape doesn’t exist because it’s impossible to rape a woman, and a helpful guide on how to punish a woman if she refuses to submit sexually to her husband whenever he wishes. Now, the anonymous author of the popular Christian marital blog wants you to know “how to help women learn their place.”

In his latest example of patriarchial Christofascist ramblings, the author complains that “Women do not know or accept their place in God’s creation anymore.” While most would view a society approaching gender equality as a positive thing, “BGR” — like Arizona pastor Stephen Anderson — yearns for a time when women were all in the kitchen cooking dinner and popping out babies as they serve their husbands’ every desire.