Incredibly Sexist Comment At Rally Earns Kasich Some Instant Karma (VIDEO)

Consider this John Kasich’s “Binders full of women” moment: The exact second he reminded the entire country that his views of women are antiquated and misogynistic.

At a campaign stop in Fairfax, Virginia, Kasich was making the pitch to a (nearly empty) room of supporters when he went off script to remark that his success in politics was due to — wait for it — women having the courage to leave the kitchen and come help him get elected.

“We just got an army of people, and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door and to put yard signs up for me.”

It was an incredibly daft remark, especially from a candidate who is sitting so low in the polls that he can’t afford to alienate even a single voter much less 50 percent of the country.

Needless to say, the juvenile “women spend their time in the kitchen!” comment was greeted with one of Kasich’s own supporters turning on him. A woman in the crowd aptly summarized the reaction many probably had when she told Kasich:

“First off, I want to say, your comment earlier about the women [who] came out of the kitchen to support you… I’ll come out to support you, but I won’t be coming out of the kitchen.”

A flustered Kasich is left sputtering meekly. His chances, already grim, becoming more remote by the second.

Making things worse, Kasich spent the weekend signing a disgusting bill into law that will go after women’s rights in Ohio. The bill, intended to attack Planned Parenthood, will strip funding for vital procedures like STD testing, cancer screenings, and birth control from women’s health clinics that also perform abortions. And due to the fact that no federal money goes to abortions in the first place, the budget cuts won’t affect abortions, they’ll affect everything else. Just one more way Kasich and his party have found to cause damage to women’s health as part of their fanatical quest to take down Planned Parenthood.

Ironically, Kasich has promoted himself as the moderate choice for the Republican Party. He’s repeatedly argued that America should vote for him over the likes of Trump and Rubio because he isn’t (quite) as crazy. With his views of women’s role in the home (in the kitchen, of course!) and his quest to make it harder for them to receive health care, it’s becoming a laughable premise. Kasich is no moderate, he’s just typically better at hiding his misogyny.

Featured image via YouTube