Obama Shuts Down Republicans Not Voting On SCOTUS Nominee With One Brilliant Tweet (IMAGES)

Regardless of what the U.S. Constitution says or what the American people are so clearly demanding, the GOP has decided to throw the rules out the window and refuse to hold hearings for any SCOTUS nominee Obama might choose. This is something that Republicans like Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz have been threatening to do since the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – it’s just mind blowing to see it actually happening.

President Barack Obama has a presidential obligation to nominate a new Justice, and it is the Senate’s job to take a vote on that choice, whether they like it or not. But instead, Senate Republicans are going to leave Scalia’s seat empty for the next 340 days, completely disobeying the Constitution and insulting the democratic process. Here are the signatures of the GOP senators that decided they will refuse to vote on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and wait until a new president is in office to replace Scalia:

It’s a major ‘F*ck you’ to Obama and the majority of Americans, who have made it clear that they support the President putting forth a nominee. This kind of resistance has never been seen before with any other presidents, as many historians and political figures have pointed out over the last week and a half.

Obama knows it, too, and he hit back at the GOP with a brilliant tweet that summed up everyone’s frustration with the situation:

In his tweet, Obama reminded the GOP of just how ridiculous their delay was by showing them a gif of the number of days between previous Justice’s nominations and confirmations. Noting that the Senate Republicans have a constitutional duty to vote on a nominee, Obama followed it with the ever-so-appropriate hashtag #DoYourJob and urged his 70 million+ followers to put pressure on the GOP to do the right thing.



Although Obama has yet to select a nominee, the president has said that he will, and hopefully by then this awful back-and-forth with the GOP will have come to an end.


Featured image via Twitter and Flickr