KKK Members Showed Up At Nevada Caucus With Pro-Donald Trump Signs (PHOTOS, TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s surging presidential campaign attracted some more unwanted attention at a caucus site in Nevada on Tuesday night when some people dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes showed up. The people held up signs saying “New England Benevolent Association Support Trump! We Support Them!” and “Trump 2016 Make America Great Again!”

Pictures of one couple were released on Twitter by Krystal Heath, a conservative radio host and manager of a radio station in Nevada.

Heath said the photo was taken at Cimarron-Memorial High School, a school in Las Vegas. She noted that “Volunteers asked caucus goers to ignore them.”

The host said the couple claimed to be Trump supporters, but she suspected they were counter-Trump protesters: “Uhm, guys? Do I think they’re ACTUAL #Trump supporters? Probably not. Did they say they were? Yes. Was picture taken at #NVCaucus? Yes.”

When some of her followers noted that the sign held by one of the people said “New England,” Heath indicated that the “woman in photo is wearing a Clark County GOP voting sticker. This was #NVCaucus.”

It is unclear whether the people in the Klan photos are actual Klan members or protesters attempting to make a point of Trump courting racist voters.

Nevada State Senator Aaron D. Ford also posted photos of the people dressed in Klan robes, writing, “friends of mine observed this at a Republican caucus location this evening. I’ll admit, I’m boiling right now.”

A reporter for a Nevada TV station also posted photos, noting, “Many people reported people dressed as KKK outside Cimarron HS Caucus site.” They held up a sign saying, “President Trump Put Up That Wall.”

The report on the photo came as a chorus of complaints about the organization behind the caucus started rising on social media. Caucus locations unprepared for the surge of voters, combined with polling booths manned by Trump supporters wearing campaign gear, had some questioning the integrity of the caucus.

Even if the photo was from someone opposed by Trump, it speaks volumes that there is even a question about it.

Trump of course launched his campaign with an anti-Latino message, and has proceeded to attack Muslims, black protesters, women, and even the Catholic pope.

Racists have embraced his campaign. Former KKK leader David Duke endorsed Trump, while a white nationalist super PAC made robocalls backing his campaign.

Trump himself has made a habit of reposting supportive tweets from bigots and other white supremacists, though he recently told CNN he didn’t know anything about that.

Featured image via Twitter