‘Idiocracy’ Writer Says His Horrific Vision Of A Painfully Stupid America Is Here (SCREENSHOTS)

It’s no secret Americans have been demonstrating a complete lack of intelligence lately. According to a recent exit poll, nearly 40 percent of Donald Trump supporters either mistook the Emancipation Proclamation for the name of a new boy band, or they either oppose freeing the slaves or are on the fence on the issue. Those who fall in goose-step behind the current Republican frontrunner are, by their own admission, uneducated bigots. In fact, about half the country, according to science, the almost half of the country who supports the Republican party are exactly like the entire population in the satirical movie “Idiocracy.”

In fact, the man behind the 2006 film was recently forced to come to a painful realization: “Idiocracy” is here, it’s now, and if the movie is any indicator we’ll soon be watering our plants with Gatorade, the real-world version of “Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator.” It has what plants crave, after all.

“I never expected #idiocracy to become a documentary,” tweeted screenwriter Etan Cohen in what appears to be commentary on the circus that is today’s GOP — a group of anti-intellectuals who shun science in favor of magic, practice mindless bigotry, and very likely come from family trees that rarely, if ever, fork. After all, look how Jeb Bush turned out.


“I thought the worst thing that would come true was everyone wearing Crocs,” Cohen told his Twitter fans.

One person correctly identified the source of much of the problem, posting that “Trump has what plants crave” along with the Brawndo logo. “Yes, but mostly white supremacist plants,” Cohen said, apparently not realizing how awesome electrolytes are.


Of course, there is other evidence aside from the intellectual degradation of our society — the same one that considered Sarah Palin a serious candidate for vice president, and Trump for president. A “Not Sure” registered with the Federal Election Commission in August:


Unfortunately, Trump’s rise in the polls shows that we have reached a point that our country is in serious trouble. Let’s just hope that someone point out that we can grow plants using water — yes, water, like from the toilet — soon.

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho was unavailable for comment.

Featured image via Trump/Camacho.com