Watch RNC Chairman Reince Priebus SQUIRM As CNN Proves Trump Is Destroying His Party (VIDEO)

Republican National Committee chairman and anthropomorphic weasel person, Reince Priebus, joined CNN for an interview where he tried to convince Alisyn Camerota that the RNC was “in control” of Trump and Republican voters. To say it was not convincing would be an understatement.

Priebus actually thinks that the rest of America doesn’t hear his entire party railing about how bad Trump is, and how his Fascistic platform will be the doom of the GOP. Priebus responded:

“I embrace all of these candidates There folks are competing to join us. They are competing to join the Republican Party as our nominee depending on what the delegates decide to do or who wins the requisite amount of delegates. In Cleveland, we’re going to vote on the floor for who that nominee is. “That nominee joins the Republican Party. That’s what’s happening.

Priebus actually seems to think that trump is going to come to him, kiss his ring, and request his permission to be the nominee. While I can’t read Trump’s mind, I would bet hard cash that will never happen.

Camerota pointed out that there is a huge amount of the Republican establishment that has been railing against Trump, and planning what are essentially anti-Trump firewalls to halt his juggernaut-like campaign and popularity.

“But you’re making it sound simpler than, in fact, it is. Because as we have heard time and again over the past few weeks, there is a whole chunk of the Republican establishment that is not embracing Donald Trump. In fact, they’re rejecting him. We have heard about all of the big donors, all of the Republican Party elders, all of the people in Congress who are basically saying anyone but Trump.”

Camerota piled on more, reading an editorial from the Washington Post that was critical of Priebus and his apparent cowardice to stand up to Trump and his hate-fueled campaign. The reaction from Priebus was simply priceless. I’ve heard comebacks from 13-year-old schoolboys that were better.

The best part of it, though, is watching Priebus have to try to respond to the attacks calling him a powerless leader without also insulting Trump. It would be painful to watch him tie himself in knots like this, except for the fact he’s a Republican. That makes it just pure entertainment.

Watch Reince Priebus get proven to be the most impotent and powerless RNC chairman ever below:

Featured image via video screen capture