Wealthy Man Passes Away, Leaves Millions To Open Ohio Animal Shelter

The news cycle has been filled with bad news lately, and it’s wearing on us all. We have an income gap that keeps getting wider, a horrible reality star on his way to possibly becoming president, mass shootings, terrorist attacks and all sorts of other awful stuff that makes us shake our heads when we turn on the news. So, it’s always nice when we can bring you news that will warm your hearts and make you smile — and the following story will do just that.

David Robert Wetzell (known as “Bob”), of Urbana, Ohio passed away and left his entire estate to establish an Animal Welfare League in Champaign County. According to the executor of his estate, Ronald Tompkins, Wetzell left instructions for him to liquidate his estate — worth about $3 million — and build the shelter, but with very specific guidelines.

Wetzell left instructions in his will for Tompkins to sell his assets and use the money to establish the shelter and purchase a secluded farm in Champaign County. It is to be used as an animal preserve, pet cemetery, dog training facility and rehabilitation home for unwanted pets.

The new shelter will be modeled after Animal Welfare League of Clark County in Springfield which was established in 1959 and currently houses 90 cats and 45 dogs. Libby Adams who runs the Clark County shelter with her husband said:

“I know it will take a while to build up to what we have. It’s not going to happen overnight. Ours took a few years to get to what we have now…Bob was very fond and proud of our organization. He would come down on occasion. He was a member of our league for as long as I can remember and supported us.”

She said that he often told her that he wanted to open one up when he was alive, but he didn’t know how to go about getting it started.

Wetzell had no human family members except a few distant cousins, but he was survived by six cats, a 20-year-old parakeet, a dog and seven chickens. Tompkins kept the dog and found homes for his other pets.

It is awesome that Wetzell did something like this with his estate. There are so many animals that need a home, and this sounds like it is going to be a pet paradise. I wish there were more people in the world like him.


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