Crazy ‘Trump Girls’ Stun CNN Host With Rumors About Marco Rubio’s ‘Gay Lifestyle’ (VIDEO)

Trump’s made some pretty insane supporters during his campaign, but his most infamous fans are Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson – the dynamic sister duo also known as the “Stump for Trump Girls”.

Since Trump came onto the political scene, the Stump for Trump Girls have gained a reputation through their pro-Trump Twitter account, videos and wild appearances on news networks. And on CNN this morning, the girls didn’t disappoint. Their interview was only a few minutes long, but they managed to cause more than enough trouble.



Commenting on last night’s GOP debate, host Carol Costello asked Trump’s biggest fans what they thought about presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz joining alliances and shaking each other’s hands behind Trump’s back, in a joint effort to bring the front runner down. The Trump-loving sisters’ response left Costello absolutely stunned as the girls suggested that Rubio was probably gay at one point in his life, if not now. Hardaway said:

“I think that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, they’re both snakes.

When I look at Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio told us to Google Donald Trump, but I did one better: I Googled him and when I Googled him, you know, he owes America and the gay community an apology.

It sounds like he may have had a gay lifestyle in his past!”

Completely shocked and taken back by the comment, Costella gasped, “What?” and pleaded with the girls not to go down that road. “No, Lynette… Lynette.”

But Richardson backed Hardaway up, and said:

“That’s what’s on Google. So you have to be cautious when you start telling people to google people — stuff will come up. We don’t know if it’s true, so we’ll say ‘allegedly,’ but he shouldn’t have told people to google Donald, because I googled him and that came up.”

Costella, likely aware that there would be backlash from the Rubio campaign, steered the girls off into another subject, which happened to be Trump’s habitual blaming of immigrants for taking American jobs, while he himself employed many immigrants at his hotels. Following in the footsteps of their beloved presidential candidate, both Hardaway and Richardson were absolutely fine with that.

You can watch the segment below, courtesy of Mediaite:


Featured image via video screen capture