Merriam-Webster Dictionary SHAMES Trump On Twitter After Misspelling Tweets

Donald Trump is a narcissist and a bully. Despite his ever-increasing obnoxiousness and commitment to Nazi-like policy proposals, he continues to rise in the polls. However, everyone sane is sick of it — including the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Whomever runs that account on Twitter decided to take a shot a Trump and his misspelled tweets, by tweeting out definitions and corrections to billionaire reality star turned joke of a Presidential candidate. The prompt for this seems to be one of Trump’s crazy Twitter rants, the latest of which he posted Friday.

Trump’s tweets featured common, easy to spell words that were horrifically misspelled. Those words included “honor,” “choker,” and “lightweight.” Here is the dictionary’s tweet mocking and correcting Trump:

After this, it seems that Trump was actually ashamed enough to correct his horrific spelling on Twitter. Here is a screenshot of that evidence, complete with mockery from Breitbart White House correspondent Charlie Spiering:

trump misspelled tweets

Marco Rubio also got in on the hits at Trump, and railed him in typical childish GOP fashion:

“‘Wow every poll said I won the debate last night. Now this is him about himself, okay — ‘Great honer.’ I think he meant to say honor. I don’t know how he got that wrong because the e and the o are nowhere near each other on the keyboard.”

“So how does this guy not in one tweet, three tweets, misspell words so badly? And I only reached two conclusions. Number one, that’s how they spell those words at the Wharton School of Business, where he went. Or number two, just like Trump Tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets.”

Then, to add the final nail to the Twitter coffin that shamed Trump into his corrections, Michael Ian Black had some fun with Trump as well:

Well, at least we now know that Trump is at least capable of being embarrassed. Well done, Merriam-Webster. You just did what no one else could do, and got Trump to admit that he was wrong about something.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore from Wikimedia Commons