Obama Continues To Win As Watchdogs Confirm Iran Is Complying With Treaty

The United Nations reports that Iran is in full compliance with the treaty brokered by the Obama administration, much to the chagrin of Republican warhawks. Iran’s failure to break the treaty is also an unwelcome reality to the corporate media which had been agitating for a new war to boost ratings.

Tough luck, fellas:

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s first assessment since the accord came into force on January 16 showed that Iran was meeting its main commitments.

As agreed, Iran “has not pursued the construction of the existing Arak heavy water research reactor” and has “not enriched uranium” above low levels, the IAEA report said.

Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium, material which can be used for peaceful purposes but when further processed for a nuclear weapon, has not risen about the agreed level of 300 kilos (660 pounds).

I know peace can be boring, what with the lack of explosions and flag draped coffins, but that’s no reason that this should not be a large national story. Just one year ago, it looked like there was just NO WAY to avoid going to war with Iran. The Republicans said so. The corporate media said so. Conventional wisdom was that war was the ONLY way to dismantle Iran’s nuclear weapons program that was only WEEKS AWAY from developing a bomb!

Just as a quick note about Iran’s “nuclear weapons program”: It doesn’t exist. It didn’t even exist before the treaty. It hasn’t existed for decades. All of our intelligence agencies as well as Israel’s intelligence agencies (which are quite good) said, unequivocally, that Iran didn’t even have a process in place to even discuss developing a nuclear weapons program. That’s how far it was from their minds.

But you wouldn’t have known that listening to the Republicans and the “liberal” media, both of whom were salivating for a new war. According to them, we had to invade before it was too late!

So Obama did what grownups do: He used diplomacy and got the exact same results without firing a single shot. Oh, and he undermined the power of OPEC and Russia by allowing Iran’s oil to flood back into the market, lowering the price of oil. Which, as a predictable byproduct, also helps our green energy sector continue to flourish which lessens the impact of climate change.

But none of that makes for an exciting story so don’t expect to hear too much about it on the evening news.

Featured image via AI archives