Bette Midler SLAMS Trump, Rubio, And Terrible Grammar In One Magnificent Tweet (SCREENSHOTS)

Once again, Bette Midler has outdone herself in her lambasting of the insane Right Wing. From conservatives’ embrace of firearms admid a gun violence epidemic, to Donald Trump’s strange ability to bring out the worst in the absolute worst people, to a number of hilarious and brutal jabs aimed at Fox News, Benghazi truthers, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and other right-wing icons, whenever the need is there, she is ready to blast the hell out of whatever is the current wrong in society.

Recently, Donald Trump has been embarrassing himself on a regular basis. The billionaire’s campaign staff recently misspelled Oklahoma while announcing a campaign stop in the state (and Oklahoma City when they corrected it). Trump himself managed — in a single night — to misspell “honor”, “choker”, and “lightweight.” His staffers even failed to spell Sarah Palin’s name correctly on their website when listing her as someone who has endorsed the 2016 hopeful.

Rubio tried — and failed miserably — to capitalize on these flubs, telling a crowd that Trump is “learning how to spell,” ending with what, to him, probably seemed like an epic one-liner:

“Donald Trump likes to sue people; he should sue whoever did that to his face.”

After Rubio’s pathetic attempt to bring down the hammer, The Divine Miss M couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the situation. “Rubio attacks Trump for his incoherent, poorly-spelled tweets,” she tweeted Saturday night. “What a showdown: the grammar Fascist versus the ACTUAL…uh….”


…And BOOM.

Once again, a brilliant observation by Midler — and another humiliating blow struck to the Stupid Part of America. This observation is, of course, accurate. Trump has endorsed some fairly horrific ideas — like Muslim concentration camps and nation database registries, bans on Muslims entering the country, a f*cking wall to keep brown people out, and other horrific policies adored by Adolf Hitler. And Rubio — well, he’s Rubio.

Good going, Bette!

Featured image via screengrab