Gawker Fools Trump Into Quoting Genocidal Maniac, Chuck Todd DESTROYS Him (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Most sensible people have by now called Donald Trump out for being the fascist that he is. However, there are some who still doubt that fact. Well, thanks to Gawker, we can wonder no more. Gawker senior writer Ashley Feinberg set up the ultimate test for Trump on his favorite social media platform: Twitter. We’ve all watched Trump lash out and anyone and everyone who dares to challenge him in any number of crazy, narcissistic, and downright scary rants, so using Twitter to trick Trump into showing his true colors was absolutely brilliant.

Feinberg created a Twitter account, @ilduce2016, which used bots to tweet out quotes from none other than famed fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. This was created last year, and the tweets would @reply Donald Trump, and credit him with Mussolini’s dangerous words and ideas. Well, on Sunday, the chickens came home to roost on this one, because Trump finally bit the bait and retweeted the account. Here is Trump’s tweet:

And here is proof of the project, courtesy of Gawker:

gawker chat log

Even Meet The Press host Chuck Todd had to zero in on Trump’s retweeting this dangerous dictator, as well as other blatantly racist positions he is taking:

This is nothing short of absolute gold. Gawker’s original article on the subject notes that there was some reservation about doing this at all — after all, if you know anything about history, you know that such an account would be a painfully obvious troll account to the average person. However, Trump is a moron in so many ways, and this is no exception. He is too busy being wrapped up in his own “greatness” to realized when he is being so epically trolled. Then again, it really is no surprised, considering the absurdities that Trump tweets, and, even worse, the types of accounts he often retweets — most notably, those run by white supremacists.

As funny as this troll job by Gawker is, though, we should also be very afraid. This man is leading by a wide margin to take the presidential nomination of a major American political party. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

Well done, Gawker. You really outdid yourselves with this one.

Featured image via video screen capture