Pastor Shot And Killed In The Middle Of Church Service In Ohio

A routine church service at the St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio turned violent when a gunman walked in and shot the pastor. Rev. William Schooler was in the pulpit when he was murdered in cold blood as his choir sang behind him. According to local station WDTN, the pastor’s brother, 68-year-old Daniel Schooler, is in custody due to suspected involvement in the killing of his brother. No motive is known at this time.

There were roughly 20 attendees at the service, and they all ran to flee the gun violence. The event happened at about 12:22 Eastern Time. The victim was a retired and celebrated member of the city’s school system as both a teacher and a principal in addition to being a figure of the religious community.

Now, to hear the gun lobbyists and gun nuts tell it, this would have been prevented if there had just been one good guy with a gun to make sure that the shooter was taken down prior to killing anyone. But, honestly? Who is expecting to be shot down in a church, of all places? No matter what one might think of organized religion, churches are places that most people go for peace, worship, community, and ultimately salvation. It’s likely the last place most reasonable people feel the need to go packing heat. However, the NRA would have us believe otherwise.

No, the solution is not MOAR GUNS! This man died because a deranged lunatic came into his church and gunned him down in cold blood. The solution is not more guns, and more armed people in more places, or the extinguishing of gun-free zones. The solution is putting policies in place that make sure such people don’t get their hands on weapons in the first place.

It really has gotten so bad that we cannot go about our normal activities — like, say, going to church — without fearing for our lives. And that’s a damn shame.

Rest in peace, Rev. Schooler. You didn’t deserve this.

Featured image via screen capture from WDTN