After The Second White Supremacist Attack In 2 Days, Republicans Respond With Dead Silence

A Trio of Neo-Nazi, Confederate flag-waving white supremacists are now in custody after screaming “HEIL HITLER!” and engaging in a knife attack on a small group of Latino children and a family that tried to intervene on behalf of the kids.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department received calls at approximately 4:30 p.m. from people who were reporting the incident. Witnesses told Police that the men were screaming racial slurs, and one of them was waving a wallet with a Confederate flag on it, as they were attacking the teens and family. The family arrived on the scene after the group had already began harassing the teenagers, and that’s when the offenders drew knives on the group. The father of the family, who wanted to remain anonymous, said:

They just started beating them up. They started coming towards us, and they pulled out some knives, and they were saying they would kill us.

Source: Rawstory

Police said that they will be investigating the attack as a hate crime, for obvious reasons. There were no injuries, but this is the second attack that has happened by white supremacists in two days in California. In Anaheim one day earlier, a KKK rally turned into a street brawl that ended with a Klansman impaling 3 people with the tip of a flagpole. The second incident had a happier ending, because there were no serious injuries and these people will actually be prosecuted for a crime. In the flagpole incident, police said that the KKK “stabbed in self-defense,” so they were released from custody.

With the Ku Klux Klan officially endorsing the person who is about to win the Republican nomination for president, it brings to mind that there may be an escalating occurrence of hate crimes as America keeps rewarding racism and bigotry with ever-growing poll numbers and success. It’s going to be a long election season if this keeps up.

Watch local coverage of the incident below:

Featured image via video screen capture