Donald Trump’s Security Agents Just Brutally Choke Slammed Reporter To Ground (VIDEO)

What we’ve witnessed over the past several months coming from the Donald Trump campaign is something very reminiscent of a fascist regime that once tried to take over Europe. No one dare say anything bad about Trump, because if it doesn’t get you physically tossed from a rally, it will get you verbally taunted in front of thousands of onlookers. Because of this behavior, his minions are following suit and feeling it is equally as okay to be both verbally and physically abusive.

Recently, Trump even said if he were to be president, he wouldn’t allow the press to say negative things about him. Now, following through already with this proclamation, Trump’s Secret Service detail has just brutally choke slammed reporter Christopher Morris from TIME to the ground who was there covering the Radford University event in Radford, Virginia.

Watch it all unfold here, as posted by Joe Perticone, a Congressional reporter for the Independent Journal:


And an even more horrifying view:


With Trump’s vitriolic rhetoric getting worse by the day, more and more folks are showing up to protest his events, and rightfully so. According to Perticone, this most recent rally “has been interrupted by protesters (who have been escorted out) 7 times this rally. Thats more than usual.”

People are sick and tired of Trump’s horrific language, and if you dare try to protest it, you’re taken away. Now, if you dare try to report on it in a way Trump doesn’t see fit, you get taken away.

A Donald Trump America, everyone. First Amendment be damned.

Featured image: screengrab