White Supremacists Robocall For Trump Ahead Of Super Tuesday (AUDIO)

A Super PAC representing white nationalists is robocalling voters in Vermont and Minnesota, urging them to vote for Donald Trump.

According to Minnesota’s StarTribune, the American National Super PAC is not being particularly discriminate with the calls. Democratic voter Roberta Maki received what she described as a ‘shocking’ call from the group.

The group also called Minnesota state representative Carly Melin.

Rep. Melin said on Twitter that she recorded the call on her home answering machine.

image credit: screen capture Carly Melin via Twitter

image credit: screen capture Carly Melin via Twitter

During the 45-second robocall, William Johnson, head of the American Freedom Party, urges voters to support Donald Trump, claiming ‘the white race is dying out in America and Europe.’

Minnesota’s StarTribune published a transcript of the call, which reads,

“The American Nationalist Super PAC makes this call to support Donald Trump. I am William Johnson, a farmer and white nationalist.

“The white race is dying out in America and Europe because we are afraid to be called racist. This is our mind-set: It’s OK that our government destroys our children’s future, but don’t call me racist. I’m afraid to be called racist. It’s OK to give away our country for immigration, but don’t call me racist. It’s OK that few schools anymore have beautiful white children in the majority, but don’t call me racist. Gradual genocide against the white race is OK, but don’t call me racist. I’m afraid to be called racist.

“Donald Trump is not a racist, but Donald Trump is not afraid. Don’t vote for a Cuban; vote for Donald Trump.

“… This call is not authorized by Donald Trump.’ ”

The group also placed calls to Iowa voters ahead of the state caucus.

Iowa resident, David Dwyer, uploaded a recording of the call to Facebook in January.

Signs that it’s going to be a long time until the February caucuses in Iowa: I get a robo call from White Nationalists for Trump. Sigh.

Posted by David Dwyer on Saturday, January 9, 2016

Donald Trump has the white supremacist vote all tied up, much to the dismay of the other Republican candidates.

Trump has doubled-down on the party’s long history of using dog-whistle politics to appeal to the lowest element of society. Instead of dog-whistles, Trump has brought the Republican party’s racist views to the forefront, using a giant bullhorn.

The candidate’s racist comments about Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, Asians, along with every other group that white KKKristian society loves to blame for the problems caused by their own party, has rocketed Trump straight to the head of the pack (or Super PAC).

It makes sense. After all, conservative voters have been answering the GOP’s more-subtle calls, packed with racist innuendo, for a very long time.

Right-wing voters are frustrated and angry at mainstream conservatives, whom they see as too concerned with ‘political correctness,’ to come right out and say what they mean.

They’re sick and tired of their political leaders denying and walking back racist comments. They want Trump’s brand of ‘honesty’ and ‘sincerity.’ They want the GOP to openly promote the party’s racists views, helping to make their hate seem more ‘acceptable,’ and ‘mainstream.’

To hell with the dog-whistles.

With Trump they have a leader who will blast their white supremacist views on a bullhorn, and that’s exactly what they want.

Image credit from Gage Skidmore, via Flickr