Conservative Christian Leader Admits Liberals Were Right About Evangelicals All Along

For years, liberals have maintained that evangelicals have only been using religion as a means to achieve absolute power, and now one of their leaders has confirmed it.

On Monday, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention president Russell Moore wrote a column for the Washington Post blasting evangelical Christians for proving liberals right.

Donald Trump, despite his more than fleeting flirtation with fascism and his campaign of hate and intolerance, has gained massive support from evangelical Christians who are willing to overlook the Republican front-runner’s lack of Christian morals as long it means they get a president who will give them more power.

“The…problem is the behavior of some evangelical leaders,” Moore wrote.

“I have watched as some of these who gave stem-winding speeches about “character” in office during the Clinton administration now minimize the spewing of profanities in campaign speeches, race-baiting and courting white supremacists, boasting of adulterous affairs, debauching public morality and justice through the casino and pornography industries.”

Moore wasn’t finished though. He also slammed evangelicals, a term he is too embarrassed to use to describe himself any longer, because they are flocking to candidates who pretend to be Christians.

“I watched one evangelical leader pronounce a candidate a Christian, though he explicitly states that he has never repented of sin, because he displays the fruit of the Spirit in job creation. That’s not a political problem; it’s a gospel problem.

Why are many evangelical leaders, including some who pontificate on nearly everything else, scared silent as evangelicalism is associated with everything from authoritarianism and bigotry to violations of religious freedom? How can they look the other way in silence when politicians praise Planned Parenthood and demur about white supremacists and neo-Nazis?”

And then he admitted that liberals have been right about evangelicals for years and they have been vindicated by evangelicals who have flocked to Trump’s campaign.

“For years, secular progressives have said that evangelical social action in America is not about religious conviction but all about power. They have implied that the goal of the Religious Right is to cynically use the “moral” to get to the “majority,” not the other way around.

This year, a group of high-profile old-guard evangelicals has proven these critics right.”

Indeed, evangelical Christians have only sought power and they’ve had no problem rewriting or flat-out ignoring parts of the Bible that do not fit with their agenda in order to achieve it.

It’s been all about money and power, and evangelical leaders have fleeced their congregations so they can keep trying to topple the government and establish religious tyranny. But evangelicals have grown more and more desperate over the years as Americans continually reject them and their radical agenda that would confine women to the home and sentence gay people to death as well as declare America a Christian state governed by the Bible instead of the constitutional principles we hold dear.

And Donald Trump may not be an evangelical Christian, but evangelicals are increasingly supporting his campaign because he is saying exactly what they want to hear and they see him as their last chance to take power. It’s never been about the gospel or morality to evangelicals. It has always been about gaining power and using it to persecute and indoctrinate those they disagree with. And by supporting Trump, evangelicals are telling the world that they are precisely the fake Christians that liberals have been fighting against for decades.

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