President Obama Just Put Republicans In Their Place With 36 Words From The Constitution (IMAGE)

Ever since Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. Republicans have been clear about one thing: No matter what, they intend to obstruct Obama because every day is a day that ends in “-day.” While the president has a Constitutional duty to appoint a new Justice to replace the much-reviled racist, anti-gay, anti-woman sleazebag now that he is burning in Hell, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed that he won’t allow the Senate to even consider Obama’s nominee — no hearings, no votes, nothing.

Republicans falsely claim that it is outside “tradition” for a president to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice in his final year in office, despite that a full third of presidents have done so in an election year. On Tuesday, the president met with McConnell and  Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley in the Oval Office to talk about Obama’s plan to nominate someone within the next couple weeks. Unfortunately, the Republicans refused to budge on their mission to obstruct the president.

The meeting barely lasted forty minute and, while the president offered to consider anyone McConnell and pals suggested for the position, they continued their usual modus operandi of not having a single f*cking idea.

After the pointless meeting, President Obama took to social media to smack down some elephants. On Facebook, he brilliantly trolled the “pro-Constitution” party with 36 words that should (but won’t) shut them up — namely, Article II Section 2 of the Constitution.2016-03-01_17-25-02


The message was punctuated with the hashtag #DoYourJob — a message Obama has been sending Republicans since they initially announced that they would obstruct him no matter what. On Twitter, the president posted a petition urging the Senate to do its job.

“Our Supreme Court is too important to be held hostage by the same partisan gridlock that has caused government shutdowns,” the petition reads. “President Obama is taking his constitutional responsibility seriously—the Senate should do the same.” Along with the petition, Obama left a very clear message: “Leaving a seat open on the Supreme Court for more than a year is irresponsible.”

Along with the petition, Obama left a very clear message: “Leaving a seat open on the Supreme Court for more than a year is irresponsible” — but what else can we expect from Republicans these days? Irresponsibility is their defining attribute.

“Do your job” is not a hard message to understand, but it is certainly not a course of action the Party of Reagan views as viable.

Featured image via White House/screengrab