Even Staunch Republican Ben Stein Says He’d Support Sanders Or Clinton Over Trump (VIDEO)

Conservatives are going to be seriously shocked about this one.

Ben Stein is a conservative economist who served as a speechwriter under Presidents Nixon and Ford in the 1970s, and he’s been a Republican his entire life as well as a harsh critic of President Obama.

Stein has always supported the Republican nominee in every election, so one would think he would do the same in 2016, especially since President Obama’s former Secretary of State is running. Not so fast.

Like other Republicans, Stein is troubled by Donald Trump. And after being asked who he would support during an interview on CNN, Stein professed that he could see himself supporting Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, the two Democrats in the race, because Trump is dangerous.

“I went to law school with Ms. Clinton so I’ve always had a kind of fondness for her, she was always a very nice young woman. I admire the fact that Bernie Sanders has a single-payer national health plan. When I worked for Mr. Nixon as a speechwriter, I wrote the message that sent up Mr. Nixon’s proposal for single-payer health plan. But I would like to see it be a Republican, I’ve never voted for a Democrat. But Mr. Trump, I think, is dangerously misinformed. I like him, but he’s dangerously misinformed.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

This is an explosive sign that Republicans are in a hell of a lot of trouble if Donald Trump manages to capture the GOP nomination, which he is well on track to achieving. Trump’s nasty and hateful rhetoric and association with members of the KKK and other white supremacist groups is terrifying the GOP establishment because it could not only cause Republicans to lose another presidential election, it could doom their effort to keep the House and the Senate from falling into Democratic control.

To underscore that point, NBC’s Chuck Todd reported on Tuesday night that a sitting Republican Senator is preparing to endorse Hillary Clinton if Trump wins the nomination.

Clearly, Donald Trump is ripping the Republican Party to pieces and it sounds like it’s only going to get more entertaining as election season continues.

Featured Image: Wikimedia