REPORT: A Sitting Republican Senator Will ENDORSE Clinton If Trump Is GOP Nominee (VIDEO)

If Donald Trump captures the Republican nomination, at least one GOP Senator is planning on doing the unthinkable.

In what would be a huge condemnation of the Republican Party, NBC anchor Chuck Todd reported on Tuesday night that a sitting Republican Senator will actually ENDORSE Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton if Trump wins the GOP nomination.

Just think about that for a second.

For years, Republicans have shifted far to the extreme right. So much so that they have allowed candidates like Trump, Cruz, and Rubio to rise to power within the party. They also hate and have refused to work with President Obama, and have hated Hillary Clinton even longer.

Republicans even launched partisan investigations of Benghazi all in an effort to hurt Clinton at the polls.

If anyone had told me a year ago that a Republican Senator will endorse Clinton for president in 2016, I would have had a good laugh for days.

But as Super Tuesday unfolded last night, Chuck Todd announced he had heard “real speculation today from very informed people that at least one Republican Senate incumbent, if given a choice, might publicly endorse Hillary Clinton.”

Yes, you heard that right. The question of where have all the moderate Republicans gone has now been answered. So terrifying is the prospect that Trump could be president that Republicans are seriously looking at Hillary Clinton as the only choice to prevent insanity from taking over the government.

Todd continued by explaining that it must be a Republican who is running in a blue state and that they may not really want to endorse Clinton but they need to do so in order to distance themselves from Trump and the disaster he represents for America and the GOP.

“An incumbent senator, there’s at least one that I’ve heard that could end up doing that, making that choice. Not because they want to, but because they need to send that message. Look, there’s a bunch of them running for re-election in blue states, okay. That’s what’s going on here, and on the day that the Republican front-runner might cement his lead.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

In other words, Republicans are beginning to understand that a Trump nomination could spell doom for other Republicans on the ticket, which means the Senate and the House are up for grabs. The Democrats could sweep to power in Congress, not just because Republicans are do-nothing obstructionists, but because their candidate for president is an extremist who is hurling racism, sexism, and hate at every rally much to the amusement of the conservative base.

If a sitting Republican senator is truly willing to support Clinton simply for political survival, then it looks like the GOP is about to get their asses handed to them in November like never before. And then they’ll definitely have to change their ways if they ever want to occupy the White House again.

Featured image via Wikimedia