Watch Karl Rove Get Proven Wrong About His Virginia Prediction In Less Than Five Seconds (VIDEO)

We’ll never forget Karl Rove’s meltdown at Fox News when President Obama was re-elected in November of 2012. It was a moment when he simply couldn’t wrap his head around Fox declaring Obama the victor and he was in complete denial. It was as though his schemes to prevent Obama from winning didn’t work, and now it seems as if his embarrassing moments didn’t cease there.

Now, in a new — and pretty damn embarrassing — video of him trying to say his clear establishment choice of Marco Rubio might still pull out a victory in Virginia, he’s proven wrong in literally less than five seconds.

When Chris Wallace asked Rove what he thought about the race in Virginia, Rove replied:

“Well, I think this race is going to continue to tighten…”

However, it was then that Rove was abruptly cut off with Wallace saying:

“Wait, wait, hold on just a second… Apparently we’ve got a call in Virginia, so you can tell us after we get the call.”

And that “call,” as we all know by now, was for Donald Trump being declared the winner. Wallace then asks Rove while laughing:

“Karl, tell me, what does that mean for Marco Rubio and Donald Trump?”

What does it mean? It means Rubio can’t win is what it means, and the GOP’s only shot at an establishment candidate just went out the window. Sure, Rubio won Minnesota, but that’s the only state he’s won so far in the Republican primary battle. The chances of him securing the nomination are little to none.

Rove, much like with what happened during his meltdown in 2012, is likely in utter disbelief. His puppet strings to control Republican elections are no longer working and he’s probably in a deep panic. His party is disintegrating right before his very eyes into thousands of Trump-shaped pieces.

Needless to say, this is pretty funny. Check it out for yourselves:

Featured image via YouTube