WATCH Trevor Noah’s Takedown Of Iowa GOP’s Chilling Proposal To Let Kids Have Guns

The Daily Show, be it under the hosting of Jon Stewart or Trevor Noah, has never been subtle about its disdain for the GOP’s idiocy. However, Tuesday night’s episode was more chilling than almost any we’ve ever seen, since it addressed a terrifying bill that is being proposed by House Republicans in Iowa — a bill that would let children have guns. Host Trevor Noah was understandably incredulous at the fact that this is even a thing. First, Noah addressed the fact that kids can already use hunting rifles, but not handguns, with adult supervision. He began by comparing this lunacy to the notorious hatred between Justin Beiber fans (“Beliebers”) and New Direction fans (“Directioners”):

“Beliebers vs. Directoners just got a whole lot more interesting.”

Noah then turned his attentions to kids who like to hunt:

“Some kids do like hunting. It’s those kids who only like the first five minutes of Bambi.”

But then, things got downright scary, when Noah played a clip from a news station that detailed the intentions of Nathan Gibson, a gun nut who has been letting his kids use handguns since they were 5, even though it is illegal. He’s now trying to make his illegal and dangerous actions with his own children the law of the land in the state of Iowa.

“Just to get this straight: Some guy picked up the phone and called a lawmaker and said ‘Hey, uh, my kids need guns.’ And they were like, ‘Done!’ And every day in America there’s parents calling lawmakers saying, ‘Hey, my kids died because of guns.’ And they’re like, ‘Uhh, can you hold?’”

Noah went on to described the absurdity of all of this in terms even a fool could understand (though I doubt the fools falling in line behind this dangerous nonsense will care). He began by asking, “Do you know what children are?” and showed clips of crying, tantrum-throwing kids.

“Who watches that and says, ‘Uh, I like that, but it’s missing something.’” After that, the clip was repeated, this time with gunfire. He ended on a chilling note:

 “Oh, and by the way, that was under adult supervision. You do realize that. That kid was doing that under adult supervision. I love that the adult was like, ‘I’m just gonna video this.’”

Watch the video below:

And this is why we should not allow gun nuts to make laws. They truly are insane. Thank you, Trevor Noah, for telling it like it is.


Featured image via video screen capture from Raw Story