This Trump Supporter May Literally Be The Dumbest Person On Earth (VIDEO)

When trying to figure out who these people are who are actually considering voting for Trump, or have already, two things come to mind — they’re either racist or just dumber than a bag of bricks.

Trump has been so vague on policy and his supporters simply don’t seem to care. They hear about his hatred of Muslims and Mexicans and come running in droves. His plans: a wall, the best wall; healthcare, the best healthcare; military, the best military; education, the best education; guns. He literally offers no specifics. He just says what comes to mind and these imbecilic supporters cheer. Watch any rally and you’ll soon realize that he’s not running for the nation, he’s running for himself. Count how many times he mentions polls. Notice how few times he mentions legitimate policy ideas. Keep track of how many times he uses “me,” “my” or “I.”

This vagueness is working though, because while at a diner in Nashville, Tennessee, Anna Kooiman of Fox News spoke with a Trump supporter by the name of Austin who said Trump is a “proven businessman who has employed tens of thousands of people, he’s a man that knows how to get the job done right.”

Austin is basically just repeating, verbatim, what Trump says at every single one of his rallies and events. Trump proclaims over and over that he is a “great” businessman who has “employed tens of thousands of people” and “knows how to get the job done right.” It’s pretty much guaranteed that he’ll say this at the next debate as well.

When Kooiman pressed this Trump supporter on why he thinks Trump isn’t specific on any policy, he replied:

“I am not concerned about that. I think he is not being specific so he does not give his competition everything that he’s doing so they copy him.”

And Fox News being Fox News, Kooiman said, “There’s a great theory there and he’s a dealmaker.”

So, let’s get this straight, Trump isn’t being specific because he doesn’t want people to copy him? That’s his grand plan to lure voters. That’s like a salesman saying, “I have this thing, and you’re gonna love it, I just can’t tell you what it is until you buy it.” Who in their right mind would buy something they know nothing about? Apparently, this guy Austin in Nashville.

Trump really wasn’t kidding when he said he loves┬áthe “poorly educated.”

Here’s the video from Huffington Post:



Featured image via video screen capture