President Obama Strikes Back At Trump’s Idiotic Slogan, And It’s Beyond Perfect

Republicans this election cycle have the difficult task of trying to convince the American voting public that they would be a better choice than a Democrat. After all, it is President Obama that has led the nation out of one of the worst economic recessions since the Great Depression, and the numbers simply don’t lie, jobs are up, unemployment is down, and more people than ever have access to health care. So, when Republican candidates want to appeal to their voting base that somehow all of these facts are bad, they have resorted to lies and propaganda politicking.

One of the worst spreading the lie that the country is down in the dumps, even though all evidence points to the contrary, is Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. He’s been touting his ridiculous slogan “Make America Great Again” since he began. However, America already is great, so it leaves one to wonder what exactly he wants to bring our nation back to. The failed fiscal policies under Republican leadership? Pre-Civil Rights discrimination? Keeping women out of the workforce? Who knows, really.

Fed up with this atrocious lie is none other that President Obama, and speaking to reporters on Friday at the White House, the president said:

“That is progress. Six straight years of job creation…The numbers, the facts, don’t lie.”

Then taking a direct shot at Trump’s ridiculously idiotic slogan that implies the nation isn’t already doing well, Obama says:

“I think it’s useful, given that there seems to be an alternative reality out there, from some of the political folks, that America’s down in the dumps. It’s not. America is pretty darn great right now, and making strides right now.”

Speaking further on why President Obama chose to go after Trump’s slogan as he did, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest reiterated the president’s sentiments, saying:

“The longer-term trends were further cemented in this month’s job numbers… There’s a vigorous political debate going on in the country. The debate in the general election will be focused on whether or not we build on the progress that we’ve made over the last seven years … or are we going to turn back to the policies that actually led to the ‘Great Recession’?”

And that’s just it. Republicans keep going after Obama, but truth be told, things have gotten remarkably better and just keep continuing along that trend. If anything, the president should be wearing a hat reading, “Made American Great Again.”

Featured image: Pete Souza Instragam