The Daily Show Destroys Republican Claims That Democrats Are The Real Racists (VIDEO)

This is one Daily Show segment that every Republican should be forced to watch over and over until they learn the true history of their own party.

On Thursday night, Trevor Noah tackled the Republican claim that Democrats are the real racists because Lincoln freed the slaves and the KKK backed Democrats for decades after the Civil War.

Earlier this week, former Obama adviser Van Jones had a heated argument with right-wing CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord, who defended Donald Trump by claiming that the KKK is a Democratic creation built to “further the progressive agenda.”

“What the f*ck?” Noah responded. “I’ve seen this argument on Facebook — in fact, I’ve seen it everywhere online. ‘Did you know that Democrats are the real racist party? And did you know the Republican Party freed the slaves?”

Noah called Lord’s claim “bullshit,” and proceeded to delve into history to demonstrate how the KKK switched their allegiance to the Republican Party.

“A lot of people like to skip over the fact that, when it comes to race relations, historically, Republicans and Democrats switched positions,” Noah said. “Yeah. Republicans were basically Democrats, and Democrats were basically Republicans.”

Noah explained that while it’s true that the KKK supported Democrats for decades after Lincoln freed and slaves, the white supremacist group switched to a more welcoming Republican Party in the 1960s after Democrats began supporting and enacting policies like the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Presidents Harry S Truman and Lyndon Johnson, both southerners, angered what became known as the Dixiecrats, Southern Democrats who left the Democratic Party starting in 1948 in opposition to the expansion of civil rights.

Johnson would predict while signing the Civil Rights Act of 1965 that Democrats just “lost the South for a generation.”

“He was half-right,” Noah said, “because, in fact, the Democrats lost the South for more than a generation.”

Indeed, the once proud party of Lincoln quickly became a big tent for racists to flock to for shelter and it has not only remained that way ever since, the racists have now seized control of the party entirely.

Noah even used “huge racist” former Senator Strom Thurmond as an example of how Southern Democrats turned Republican.

“Strom Thurmond was among the most racist politicians of his generation, and in the ’60s, he switched to being a Republican because he felt more welcome,” Noah said of Thurmond, who started his political career as a Democrat in the 1930s.

“Just because something used to be something, doesn’t mean it still is,” Noah said. “What matters more is what it is now. Like a butterfly used to be a caterpillar — you don’t call it a flying caterpillar.”

Here’s the video via Comedy Central:

In short, what matters is that the Republican Party is associated with the KKK and the KKK supports the Republican Party. That’s been the case for a few decades now, but it’s incredibly obvious today in 2016. And America is now dangerously close to having a President who pals around with the KKK and other white supremacists.

Featured image: Houston Chronicle