Alabama Supreme Court SHOCKS Conservatives With This Latest Ruling

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is so pissed right now.

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in their Obergefell v. Hodges ruling last summer, Alabama has resisted following it.

Almost immediately, Moore ordered county clerks and judges to refuse to help same-sex couples get married, claiming that the nation’s high court has no power to overturn a state ban on same-sex marriage.

Despite Moore’s efforts to keep defying the Supreme Court, his colleagues on the state bench made the opposite decision on Friday.

In a single sentence, the Alabama Supreme Court chose to not defy the high court by rejecting an anti-same-sex marriage case brought by the Alabama Citizens Action Program and the Alabama Policy Institute.

“It is ordered that all pending motions and petitions are dismissed,” the majority of the court ruled, thus ending the fight against federal authorities that Moore wanted so badly.

According to the Associated Press,

In one of several written opinions accompanying the order, Justice Greg Shaw called the decision a “clear refusal” to ignore the Supreme Court ruling last June.

Several other state justices railed against the high court’s ruling while noting they can’t overturn it.

Chief Justice Roy Moore wrote that previous state orders barring gay marriage in Alabama remain. Most probate judges already are ignoring that directive, however, and hundreds of same-sex couples already have wed in Alabama.

NBC News had more about what Moore wrote in his dissenting opinion.

Quoting everything from past court rulings to the Bible and the 1974 song “Feelings,” the chief justice called the court’s ruling “immoral, unconstitutional and tyrannical.” He referred to homosexuality as a “disgrace to human nature” which can’t be compared to opposite-sex intimacy.

“Sodomy has never been and never will be an act by which a marriage can be consummated,” Moore wrote.

This is a victory for the LGBT community and a victory for sanity in general. Even Moore’s fellow judges acknowledged that the U.S. Supreme Court has the final say and federal law trumps state law no matter how they may feel about same-sex marriage personally.

It’s definitely a significant setback for conservative “Christians” in the state who were hoping to keep bigotry, hate, and their ability to discriminate at will enshrined under state law.

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