Is Trump EMBRACING HITLER? Has Thousands Of Followers Raise Right Hand And Pledge Loyalty

What the HELL just happened in Orlando? Donald Trump, the guy that most of the free world has been legitimately comparing to Adolf Hitler, just ordered thousands of supporters at an Orlando rally to raise their hands in salute and swear loyalty to him.

And they did it… THEY ACTUALLY DID IT. Watch all the hands in the clip below.

Here is pretty much what just happened in Orlando at the Trump rally.


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It isn’t an exaggeration

What the hell is going on with the Republican party and Trump?

This is seriously starting to get legitimately frightening. We have huge crowds of Americans gathering to have their most vile inclinations validated by someone who is, factually speaking, running on a fascist presidential platform. Now, they are throwing up what you might as well call a “1940s Berlin Style” salute to him as well.

Some people might say this couldn’t happen in America. But remember — during WWII America unconstitutionally imprisoned thousands of Japanese-American citizens for no crime other than being Japanese. We didn’t think that would happen, did we?

The Nazi party rose to power by promising suffering Germans, who were practically bankrupt from the after-effects of World War I, help in lifting the nation and its people out of poverty and unemployment. At the same time, the party was severely critical of existing political leaders in Germany for not addressing the needs and will of the people. They promised widespread economic prosperity, a regained national strength via the military, and to make Germany great againDoes this sound familiar?

Republicans have spent the better part of eight years now calling President Obama — one of the greatest leaders of the modern era — a fascist, Nazi, communist, dictator and whatever else they can come up with that has a negative governmental connotation. At the exact same time, they are fully embracing an actual fascist and using nazi-style salutes to pledge their loyalty to him.

If you are a liberal, please don’t stay home this November. The nation can’t afford it.

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