Bernie ROASTS GOP Mental Instability During #DemDebate With PERFECT One-Liner (VIDEO)

The Democratic debate on Sunday night was a little more tense than usual between candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The two went head to head and actually discussed important issues that needed to be talked about — unlike their Republican counterparts who choose to make every debate about things like discussing hand size and trading personal jabs.

Truth be told, the Republicans left running lack any and all substance. They can’t properly answer any questions on domestic or foreign policy, and most certainly are unable to be polite with one another.

On the other hand, there are the Democrats. When they get a little loud debating back and forth, it’s not about who has the biggest dick or who has the best polls numbers, they actually discuss policy, and are equally as passionate when defending their positions.

However, there was a moment during the Democratic debate when the GOP debate was brought up. And while Hillary did point out how absurd they are, Bernie took it one further and laid down an absolutely spot-on one-liner.

Sanders hilariously said:

“When you watch these Republican debates, you know why we need to invest in mental health.”

A truer statement has never been spoken. These Republican candidates are not only national embarrassment. They may be certifiably insane.

Watch the hilarious moment here:

Featured image via video screen capture