Bernie Sanders Compares Republicans To Children Having A Food Fight (VIDEO)

He’s not wrong.

Demonstrating that he is the only adult in a campaign season full of Republicans, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ripped the remaining members of the GOP field for acting like children instead of adults who want to be the leader of the free world.

“What we are seeing in the Republican presidential process is like a sixth grade food fight that you see in a cafeteria,” Sanders said during a stop in Michigan.

“I think that is not what the American people want. The American people know we have some serious problems and they want to hear some serious solutions to those problems, not vicious personal attacks,” he continued.

Sanders went on to shift his focus from the Republican toddlers to the real problems Americans face such as income inequality, corporate greed, and mass imprisonment.

Later on, the Vermont Senator blasted Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio again for acting like little kids instead of responsible adults.

“They really do sound like sixth-grade food fights, where amazingly enough adults in their 50s and 60s are throwing food at each other and cursing at each other and making fun of each other and insulting each other,” Sanders said.

Here’s the video:

And Bernie’s assessment of the GOP is absolutely spot on. During the last Republican debate, Trump, Rubio, and Cruz put on a circus as they insulted each other. Trump even went so far as to talk about how big his penis is.

It’s been even more embarrassing on the campaign trail as Rubio has suggested that Trump has a small penis because he has small hands and even suggested that Trump wet himself during the debate. Trump has hit Rubio by mocking his need to quench his thirst while delivering the Republican response to the State of the Union Address a few years ago.

It’s far from the civility one expects from people who are trying to convince American voters that they are the right person to lead the country and solve problems. But the Republicans are too busy trading insults and talking trash instead of focusing on issues that Americans truly care about.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are taking this election seriously, proving that either one of them would be a good President of the United States who will be respected by the world instead of being laughed at and treated like a joke.

Featured image via Bernie Sanders Campaign Website