George Takei Just BRILLIANTLY Destroyed Trump’s Rambling, Insane Interview Technique (IMAGE)

If there’s one thing that’s certain about Donald Trump — you know, aside from his racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, and fascist tendencies — it’s that almost every speech and interview sounds basically the same. Trump loves to bloviate¬†but rarely provides his listeners with actual ideas, facts, or even an answer to questions he is asked.

George Takei decided to have a little bit of fun with this idea in ¬†a Facebook post, providing a Trumpanese answer to a rather simple question: “What is two plus two.” Takei perfectly captures The Donald’s rather impressive ability to ramble endlessly about nothing while avoiding providing an actual answer to even the simplest of queries.

“I have to say a lot of people have been asking this question. No, really. A lot of people come up to me and they ask me. They say, “What’s 2+2?” Takei writes. “”And I tell them look, we know what 2+2 is. We’ve had almost eight years of the worst kind of math you can imagine. Oh my god, I can’t believe it. Addition and subtraction of the 1s the 2s and the 3s.”


Takei continues, adding:

“Its terrible. Its just terrible. Look, if you want to know what 2+2 is, do you want to know what 2+2 is? I’ll tell you. First of all the number 2, by the way I love the number 2. It’s probably my favorite number, no it is my favorite number. You know what, it’s probably more like the number two but with a lot of zeros behind it. A lot. If I’m being honest, I mean, if I’m being honest. I like a lot of zeros. Except for Marco Rubio, now he’s a zero that I don’t like. Though, I probably shouldn’t say that. He’s a nice guy but he’s like, “10101000101”, on and on, like that.”

This Trump “impression” is spot-on. Takei even manages to work in Trump’s penchant for including not-so-subtle jabs at his opponents. His depiction of The Donald’s modus operandi is so clear, you can almost hear the racist 2016 hopeful’s voice as you read it.

Good job, Mr. Sulu!

Featured image via screengrab