Trump Campaign Manager Accused Of Assaulting Female Reporter (TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s campaign manager has been accused of physically assaulting a female reporter after his press conference on Tuesday night.

The claim was made public by Jamie Weinstein of the conservative Daily Caller. In a tweet, Weinstein wrote, “Tonight thug Corey Lewandowski tried to pull my gf @MichelleFields to ground when she asked tough q.”

The accusation was in reference to Michelle Fields, who is a reporter and pundit in the conservative media, whose work appears on Fox News Channel and on

Earlier in the evening, Fields was clearly in the press area of Trump’s press conference from the Trump International Golf Club in Florida, as she tweeted photos of the stage as well as the props of Trump Steak and Trump Water that was being setup by the candidate’s team.

The Trump “thug” that Weinstein was referencing is Corey Lewandowski, who is the campaign manager for Trump’s presidential campaign.

Lewandowski comes from the world of conservative politics. He recently served as the New Hampshire director for Americans for Prosperity, the Koch Brothers financed group that pushes and promotes the interests of the two right-wing brothers in multiple states.

The campaign manager made waves earlier in the campaign season when he reportedly threatened Fox News’ Megyn Kelly after she clashed with the candidate.

Kelly was set to anchor a second debate in January. As Fox tells it, Lewandowski warned them that she had a “rough couple of days after that last debate” and he “would hate to have her go through that again”. Like his boss, Lewandowski’s creed is “respond to every slight in kind” – and then some.

Weinstein also argued with several Trump fans on Twitter after revealing the allegation, with several of them claiming either she deserved it or disputing whether the incident had happened at all.

Trump has had problems with female voters, even in contests where he has had strong victories. He also has a track record of verbal attacks on several notable women, including Carly Fiorina, the aforementioned Megyn Kelly, and comedian Rosie O’Donnell. Maybe his campaign manager is just taking after the boss.

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