This Third Grader OBLITERATED Donald Trump In A Letter Every Conservative Needs To Read (IMAGES)

When a bunch of kids were recently asked what they thought about Republican front-runner Donald Trump, they proved to America just how braindead Trump’s conservative supporters were with their answers. Now, 8-year-old Jackson Wheeles from Jamestown, North Carolina is giving us another great example of the sort of intelligence we wish every voting American possessed.

Jackson has not only been watching the 2016 presidential election with a close eye, but he has a message for the GOP’s most popular candidate – and it’s going to sting. Jackson was inspired to write his feelings in a letter addressed to Trump after his teacher at Millis Road Elementary showed her class the news. Jackson’s message to the business mogul is a stark reminder that even those who are too young to vote in this election are watching – and judging. Jackson wrote:

“I have read several articles about you and have seen you on the television. I think you have been very rude to many people. I know that you are talking to adults when you give your speeches, because they are the ones that can vote. It is important for you to remember that children are watching and hearing you, too. Someday, we will also be able to vote.”


Photo Credit: Kelley Wheeless

Jackson also gave Trump a priceless lesson on manners and the “Golden Rule” – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Honestly, this is a lesson in human decency that someone as old as Trump should have learned by now.

“I learned about The Golden Rule when I was VERY young. How would you feel if people said some of these terrible things about you that I have heard you say about them? Do you ever feel sorry about the things that you say that are hurtful to others? I have never heard you apologize.”

Jackson demonstrated just how closely he’s been watching Trump when he called out Trump for mocking a handicapped reporter in November.

“What would happen if young people decided that it was OK to make fun of handicapped people after watching you do that on national TV? Bullying is already a HUGE problem, and it is NOT OK! I feel like you could make that problem much worse.”

Trump also got slammed by the third grader for stating that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and still rise in the polls. Jackson spoke for both children and (level-headed) adults when he told Trump that he flat-out terrifies people.

“You make kids afraid when they hear that someone who could be our next President would even think of doing something like that!”

Jackson left Trump with this epic piece of wisdom: start thinking of America’s youth and how his words and behavior will impact them.

“We may not be able to vote yet, but we are the future. I think it is important for us to have a kind, honest, caring person as our leader that we can look up to and respect. I am in the student government this year at my school. I try to be a student that everyone can look up to. I will grow up to be a husband, a father, hopefully a police officer, and a good friend. I will choose to be a better person than what you have been teaching me to be.

You can read Jackson’s full letter to Trump below:


Photo Credit: Kelley Wheeless

Jackson is one amazing 8-year-old and is a wonderful example of the kind of Americans we want voting in our elections. Every conservative that supports Trump should be forced to read his letter – maybe it’ll make them actually think for once.

Featured image compilation via Kelley Wheeless via WCNC-TV