Texas Gun Nuts Want ‘A Clear Shot’ At President Obama During Event (IMAGES)

A bunch of rabid gun-toting conservatives would like the Secret Service to know that President Obama is a target.

President Obama plans to speak at the South by Southwest technology and music convention on Friday, so some crazy open carry activists came up with the idea to try to intimidate and taunt him at the event by openly carrying their firearms, with one even urging his fellow gun nuts to make sure they “get a clear shot” and assassinate him if they get a chance.

CJ Grisham pointed out that President Obama would be at the event this year and announced to his buddies that he would be carrying his rifle and handing out gun nut literature. “This may get interesting,” he remarked.

Jovan Jackson then commented that CJ should carry a pistol instead because hippies “scare easy.”

Here’s a screenshot of the post via FreakOutNation.


And that’s when Kriss Elliot chimed in in an apparent effort to get on the Secret Service’s radar.

An Azure Solutions Consultant at Insight Enterprises, Elliot actually encouraged his friends to find President Obama and murder him with their guns if they get the opportunity.

“If you get a clear shot, please fire for effect!” he wrote.

Again, this piece of crap Texan literally said, “If you get a clear shot, please fire for effect!” which sounds like a direct threat against the life of the sitting President of the United States.

Not everyone thought that sounded like a good idea, however. Harry Graybill warned that attempting to kill President Obama would mean prison for the open carry activists who carried out the assassination effort and would damage their pro-gun crusade. He failed to mention that they’d literally be trying to end the life of a human being.

Here’s a screenshot of that post as well.


It’s not enough that Texas already has the blood of one US President on their hands, now they want a second one, too. These dangerous people are the precise reason why carrying firearms in public should be against the law and they should be put behind bars.


Featured image via Pixabay