Another White Trump Supporter Assaults A Black Man At A Terrifying Rally In The South (VIDEO)

Enough is enough. It’s time for Donald Trump to condemn this racist violence or be forced to end his campaign.

For the second time in a week, video footage has revealed yet another incident of violent racism at the same Trump rally in North Carolina where an old white redneck sucker-punched a young black protester in the head as he was being escorted out the building by police.

78-year-old John McGraw has since been arrested by law enforcement, but now it looks like police are going to have to hunt down and arrest another white racist who assaulted a different black person who, despite not doing anything wrong, was escorted out with other African-American attendees by officers who roughed some of them up for no reason.

East Carolina University student Adedayo Adeniyi caught the terrifying experience on his cell phone camera on Wednesday as officers began scuffling with other black people in the stands around him.

“Hey that’s not me, that’s them,” Adeniyi says on the video in reference to being told he has to leave even though he wasn’t even protesting. ”I don’t even know them!”

The cops, who are white, wrestle one protester to the ground and cuff him before leading him off. As Adeniyi is also led off down the aisle, an old white KKK wannabe tells him “Hey, f*ck you, baby, f*ck you!” And then physically assaults him by slapping him, and police didn’t seem to care about that at all.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Afterwards, Adeniyi remarked that the incident made him fear for the future of America because it definitely looks like the country is embracing hate and bigotry.

“These are presidential candidate rallies,” he told the New York Daily News.

“I’m not at a KKK rally. The fact that I experienced hate at a candidate rally tells you everything you need to know about Donald Trump and the people that support him. People will act more hateful and racist in environments that they feel not only encouraged to do it, but accept it as normal. The man at the end of the video is a moment I’ll never forget. The hate in his eyes. The words. The hate in those words. The slap. It was disgusting and sad. At that moment I believed that America will stay and continue to be a hateful and bigoted country.”

Donald Trump’s rallies are nothing more than glorified white supremacist rallies that are an embarrassment to this nation and those around the world. The fact that any candidate for political office here in 21st century America actually condones and encourages violence and racism against black people is sickening The fact that the police are serving as Trump’s own personal guard and are allowing these acts of violence to occur and in some cases even joining in is just as disgusting. This is not the America any of us should want, but it’s the one we’ll get if people do not vote in November.

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