Texas Gun Nuts Open Fire On Democratic Office Of Gun Control-Supporting Senator

The Houston Police Department and Texas Rangers are investigating after a gun nut opened fire on the office of Democratic state Senator John Whitmire a day before President Obama is scheduled to speak in Austin.

Early Thursday morning around 12:30am, a shooter fired several rounds into the two-story office. “There are bullet slugs everywhere,” Whitmire said. “One lodged in a framed picture. It’s pretty amazing.”

Whitemire, a gun control advocate, surmised that the weapon used in the attack was an AR-15 because the bullets were .223 caliber. No one was harmed in the shooting but Whitmire and his staff along with law enforcement officials are taking the incident seriously.

“We’ll take precautions. But it’s part of the job, unfortunately, in this day and time,” Whitmire said. “They are checking in this general area to see if anyone else received any gunfire. We don’t know yet. I don’t know yet.”

The targeting of Whitmire’s office occurred the day before President Obama is scheduled to appear at the South by Southwest tech and music festival on Friday where he is delivered a keynote address.

Upon hearing of Obama’s schedule, Texas open carry gun nuts stated their desire to attend the event with their guns to hand out pro-law literature. But one of the gun nuts had a different idea for what his buddies should do.

“If you get a clear shot, please fire for effect!” conservative gun nut Kriss Elliot wrote on Facebook.

So not only has the Texas open carry obsession resulted in violence against a Democratic office, it has resulted in gun nuts actually wanting to assassinate President Obama, and now it’s much easier for them to do this because they are legally allowed to carry deadly firearms in public view.

Make no mistake, these people belong in jail or at the very least an FBI watch list, but as long as Republicans control the state it will remain an exaggerated and embarrassing version of the Wild West.

Featured Image: OnlyInYourState.com