WATCH: Ted Cruz Humiliated For Blatantly Lying During GOP Debate

Ted Cruz just keeps on embarrassing himself.

During the GOP Debate on Thursday night, the Texas Senator set himself up to be exposed and humiliated by Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

The whole thing happened in under a minute as Cruz began talking about just how much he opposed ethanol in Iowa.

“When I went to Iowa and campaigned against ethanol mandates, everyone said that was political suicide,” Cruz claimed.

“You can’t take on ethanol in Iowa. And my opponents on this stage not only didn’t do the same. They attacked me and even promised to expand corporate welfare. If we’re going to stop bankrupting our kids and grandkids, you’ve got to be willing to take on the lobbyists…”

Patiently waiting to go in for the kill, Trump responded by reminding the audience that Ted Cruz actually flip-flopped on that particular issue in Iowa because as Bloomberg reported at the time, ethanol is “the third rail of Iowa politics, across party and socioeconomic lines.”

Indeed, that meant Cruz had to say anything to win, even if it meant throwing his support behind ethanol production. Because if he didn’t, he’d be telling 50,000 Iowans that he opposes them having a job. Cruz even wrote an op-ed whining about how his opponents have slammed his anti-ethanol views and he lied to Iowa farmers to their faces by claiming he was fighting for them.

“By this point in the campaign, many readers will have seen the furious coordinated effort being waged by Democrats and big-money lobbyists, who are together spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to convince Iowans that I oppose ethanol. Their charges are utter nonsense.”

However, those farmers didn’t mean much to Cruz last night as he bragged about how he OPPOSED ethanol in Iowa and Trump quickly called him out for lying.

“If you look back to Iowa, Ted did change his view and his stance on ethanol quite a bit. He did and — at the end. Not full on, but he did change his view in the hopes of maybe doing well. And you know, I think everybody knows that. It was a front page story all over the place, and he did make a change.”

When the debate moderator asked Cruz to respond, the caught red-handed liar could only throw up his hands and dive into a canned line about how he’ll stand up against Washington.

“Listen, if you are fed up with Washington, the question you ought to be asking is who is willing to take on Washington?”

Here’s the video via Daily Motion.

Rubio Cuba by tommyxtopher

Once again, Ted Cruz gets humiliated by being caught lying on the debate stage. Clearly he has no shame.

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