Bill Maher Hits Dems Who Say They’ll Stay Home If Their Candidate Loses With Brutal Reality (VIDEO)

There’s a disturbing trend happening in Democratic circles this primary season that, if left to fester, could spell absolute disaster for the party and our country come November. As Bill Maher pointed out Friday night on Real Time, there are a growing number of Bernie Sanders supporters joining a movement called #BernieOrBust who have vowed to stay home in November if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.

This is, of course, the single dumbest thing anyone looking to improve our country’s already improving socioeconomic landscape could possibly do. Regardless of your feelings about Hillary Clinton’s platform, record or ties to big business, the alternative is complete disaster. By removing support for your party’s candidate you are effectively handing the White House to the Republicans. That socioeconomic progress I mentioned? Kiss it goodbye.

The country will be thrust right back into economic crisis as regulations disappear. The already established nuclear deal with Iran will be tossed aside and the precision targeting strategy against ISIS will be scrapped in favor of all-out, boots on the ground war in the middle east. The Judicial branch of our government will see at least one and probably at least three new ultra-conservative justices, giving free reign to bigotry in this country under the guise of “religious liberty.” Gay marriage will be a thing of the past. Voter suppression and gerrymandering will run rampant, making it nearly impossible for logic and reason to ever take hold in our country again. Roe v Wade could very well be overturned, and Citizens United will not only be cemented in but built upon, taking the power of the people and handing it to the highest bidder.

All of that because Bernie supporters don’t like Hillary Clinton? It’s ridiculous. Maher is himself a huge Bernie supporter, having publicly endorsed him and shown great enthusiasm about the direction he wants to take the country, but as he points out, if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, it would be incredibly stupid for anyone calling themselves a liberal or progressive to hand the election to a Republican, none of whom amount to half the person Hillary or Bernie are.

Bernie Sanders is a great man who would do great things for this country if elected President. Hillary Clinton is a great woman who would do great things for this country if elected President. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are all fringe right lunatics who would destroy this country for the good of the one percent. Period.

If your heart tells you that the only option is Bernie or a Republican, you truly need to have your head examined. Bill Maher agrees. Watch his brilliant breakdown of this incredibly dangerous movement below:

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