Donald Trump Jr. Runs With Bernie Sanders Conspiracy Pushed By White Supremacists (TWEETS)

If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that Donald Trump is in no shortage of racist white supremacists supporting him and pushing conspiracy theories for him. Now, it’s one thing to have that racist fan base; it’s another to embrace it and promote it yourself, which is exactly what both Trump, and now his son Donald Trump, Jr. are doing.

We’ve already seen Trump retweet white nationalists who tweeted their support of the candidate, but now, in an effort to somehow make Bernie Sanders guilty of starting the chaos at the Chicago Trump rally, Donald Trump, Jr. has decided to retweet a conspiracy theory pushed by a white nationalist group.

Here’s the photo in question, where a woman in Trump paraphernalia is doing a white pride salute reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

Twisting and making things up out of the clear blue sky, many started claiming that this woman was Bernie Sanders organizer Portia Boulger.

However, the woman in question, can be seen here, and clearly was not the woman making the Nazi salute in solidarity with Donald Trump.

But still running with the conspiracy theory is none other that Donald Trump, Jr.:


However, who Trump Jr. is retweeting is what is most concerning. He is pushing the conspiracy via a Twitter handle that boasts white pride. A handle that has actually admitted they were wrong about who the woman was, but Trump Jr. still ran with it, and as of now, it’s still up on his Twitter account.

While that person is shocked that Trump Jr. would do such a thing, most people probably aren’t considering his dad has retweeted white supremacists a number of times.

Racism with the Trumps is nothing new. Back in 1973, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit¬†against Donald Trump and his father for refusing to rent to people of color. If you haven’t noticed by now that Trump is racist himself, notice it by who follows and supports him. It’s clear as day. If you disagree, you are either willfully ignorant, or absent from reality.

Featured image via Instagram