Watch Megyn Kelly Prove She Has No Idea How The First Amendment Works (VIDEO)

On Friday night, Megyn Kelly decided to weigh in on the protest in Chicago that sent Donald Trump packing. She, like must conservatives, accused the protestors of denying Trump and his supporters their first amendment rights.

“His First Amendment free speech rights have been shut down,” Kelly said. “The right of those to listen to him, and as that one gentleman put it so well: ‘I just want to hear him for myself, wanna hear him for myself.’ That was shut down by folks who have an agenda and that’s fine. You can oppose Donald Trump. Go for it.”

“But, is this the way?” Kelly continues. “Is this the way to shut down the ability of Chicagoans and those, in some cases, who have traveled for miles and miles and waited for hours and hours to get in, to have their say and hear him for themselves. For all these people know, they weren’t Trump supporters. Maybe they would have walked away saying, ‘You know what? He’s not for me.’ We’ll never know now.”

Well, seems that Kelly has forgotten a very key component to the First Amendment. Freedom of assembly is a right granted to everyone. That means that the protestors had just as much of a right to go protest Trump, as Trump has a right to go spew whatever hateful rhetoric he wants.

No one forced Trump to run away. The Chicago police did not advise Trump’s campaign to cancel the rally. This wasn’t a “safe space” for Trump and his supporters to preach hate against minorities and make jokes about how big their d*cks are, it was an event open to the public. The public showed up and let everyone know how they feel. Trump couldn’t handle that.

It’s important to keep in mind that earlier that day on Friday, a Trump rally in St. Louis nearly turned into a full blown race war. When protestors show up and practice their right to freedom of assembly, they are met with violence from Trump supporters. If we are going to talk about denying people their rights, let’s talk about the Trump Youth’s use of violent intimidation tactics to shut down peaceful protest against their leader.

You can watch Kelly’s commentary below.

Featured image via video screen capture