Trump Supporter Disgustingly Tells Black People To ‘Go Back To Africa’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has brought every racist out of the closet and given them a megaphone — as well as the courage to openly be as awful as humanly possible. His campaign events might as well be called white pride rallies. They are disgusting, deplorable, and outright un-American.

In yet another example of the utter racism coming out of the Trump campaign and those who follow him, a Trump supporter started shouting at those protesting that if they consider themselves African-America then they should “go back to Africa.”

If Trump doesn’t start condemning this sort of speech, he himself should be condemned by every American who stands up for justice and equality. However, it’s doubtful that Trump will condemn this sort of speech considering he is asking for protesters to be “thrown the hell out” or says that if he had the chance he’d punch them himself and that he misses the “good old days” where people were taken out on stretchers.

If Trump is allowed to openly continue his hate-filled rhetoric, we will undoubtedly see more and more of this behavior from the grotesque people who support him. He needs to be held accountable for his encouragement of hate and violence.

Featured image via video screen capture