Trump Threatens To Ruin Protesters’ Lives In Fiery New Speech (VIDEO)

By now, everyone has heard of the violence and chaos that got a Donald Trump rally cancelled in Chicago, Illinois on Friday. Trump is, of course, furious, and is blaming the events of the evening on the protesters’ and even Bernie Sanders, instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that he is the one who created such a toxic, hate-filled environment in the first place. Now, he is doing what he does best and threatening anyone who dares to exercise their First Amendment rights and protest his hateful rallies.

In a speech in Kansas City, Missouri Saturday evening, The Donald took protesters to task, and decided that the only way to silence them is to take legal action. He told his crowd of rabid fans:

“I hope these guys get thrown into a jail. They’ll never do it again, it’ll destroy their record. They’ll have to explain to mom and dad why they have a police record and why they can’t get a job. And you know what, I’m gonna start pressing charges against all these people. And then we won’t have a problem.”

Trump then tried to make himself look better, by saying that “they’re probably good kids. I don’t want to ruin people’s lives. But the only way we’re gonna stop this craziness is if we press charges. Because then their lives are gonna be ruined, they’re gonna know their lives are gonna be ruined. So I’ll just tell you folks, from now on, if you do anything, we’re pressing charges, okay?”

So, now, he really is going full-on fascist. Don’t like people protesting? Have them arrested. They should not be there, as far as he is concerned. At this rate, we might as well just burn the Constitution to ash in Donald Trump’s America.

Watch the full speech below:

Featured image via Addicting Info archives