WATCH: Rachel Maddow Just Skillfully Exposed Trump’s ‘Deliberate’ Attempts To Spark A Race War (VIDEO)

On Friday, Donald Trump canceled a rally in Chicago because he was embarrassed that seemingly more people showed up to protest him than to stroke his ego. The night had already been bloody, with an event in St. Louis, Missouri almost becoming a total race war earlier in the evening. In Chicago, Trump has not even arrived when the incredibly white attendees began attacking, hurling insults at, and geerally being complete racist d*ckbags to black people and anyone else who dissented — just like Trump taught them to (after all, he says he will pay their legal fees if they brutalize a black man in his name).

The Donald says he was forced to cancel his rally because he didn’t want anyone to “get hurt” — though he was perfectly willing to call into Fox News to whine about how somehow his First Amendment rights had been stripped away by protesters, once again proving that not a single Republican anywhere understands the First Amendment. According to the billionaire 2016 hopeful, the blame for violence at his rallies lies with two entities: the protesters his fans attack, and Barack Obama.

Shortly after, Rachel Maddow took a moment out of her show to absolutely and utterly destroy any claim Trump could make that he doesn’t want violence at his rallies, that he just wants people to be safe as he claims.

“It’s becoming more intense at Donald Trump rallies,” Maddow said after playing a clip of the numerous beatings we have seen at his campaign events throughout recent history:

“There have been instances in the past where he has encouraged or at least praised the idea of violent actions by his supporters, when he’s spoken wistfully about how great it would be to beat people up at his rallies, or he’s told people that he would pay their legal fees if they beat up a protester on his behalf. But this sort of bloodlust, this kind of half-tongue-in-cheek-mostly-serious call for a ‘tougher America’ where there are more beatings, and where anti-Trump protesters should fear for their lives as he heads into these tinderbox cities today and tonight, I just want you to watch how that part of candidate Donald Trump’s rhetoric has escalated.”

Maddow rolled numerous clips of Trump calling for his violent, racist, and “poorly educated” fans to harm others — with date stamps included. In other words, she left Trump in a completely indefensible position, not that it matters to him or his followers. “If you want to see the deliberate act that created what happened tonight in Chicago, watch where it came from,” she said, noting that all the calls for violence culminated into the Chicago incident.

“And it really is something like we have never seen in mainstream American politics before,” Maddow told viewers, recalling that she used to see these events unfold at white supremacist rallies in the 1980’s. The difference, of course, is that it is now happening in mainstream Republican politics at events hosted by their frontrunner.

“Anybody who tells you that there’s no connection between the behavior of the mob at these events and the behavior of the man leading the mob at these events is not paying attention to what he’s saying at the podium,” she said after the clips rolled. but the most damning clip she rolled was of Trump in St. Louis earlier that evening when he complained that “part of the problem…is no body wants to hurt each other anymore.”

That’s right — he complained that there was not enough violence at his events to put protesters in their place. “There used to be consequences,” he whined just before St. Louis erupted into violence. “These people are bringing us down,” he whined. “These are the people that are destroying our country.”

“That’s the way Donald Trump has been talking about protesters at his events. That’s the way he has been directing his supporters at events. That was today,” Maddow said after the damning St. Louis footage rolled. “If you want to know what led up to Chicago tonight that was Donald Trump’s display of leadership and calming the waters.” Then she dropped the bomb:

“American presidential politics isn’t like this for anyone else. American presidential politics did not get this way on its own. This is the workd of an American presidential candidate who deliberately made this happen. And the Republican party is about to nominate him for President.”

Watch Maddow tear Trump a new orifice below:

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