Donald Trump Has His ‘ISIS Attacked My Rally’ Hoax Blown Wide Open, Live On-Air (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been caught using doctored video to claim that a protester who rushed the stage at a rally in Dayton, Ohio this week has links to ISIS. But during an interview with Chuck Todd, the whole scam fell apart, live on-air.

The Republican front runner was seen to panic and sweat profusely on Saturday, when the secret service moved on a single protester at a rally in Dayton, Ohio.

After the event, and clearly smarting from the very public unravelling of his ‘tough guy’ persona, Trump sought to ratchet up the scale of the threat against him. Later that night, Trump tweeted his near 7 million followers on Twitter to let them know the protester was actually a ‘maniac’ with ‘ties to ISIS’ alongside a video he cites as evidence.

But there was one rather big problem with this approach. This video is a hoax.

The first to uncover the scam were BuzzFeed, who report:

[T]he alleged ISIS video actually appears to have been cobbled together from old footage in an attempt to troll Dimassimo…

That footage, however, appears to be lifted from a video Dimassimo himself seems to have posted to YouTube. Dimassimo’s video lacks the music and images typical of ISIS productions. The description also states that the protest was done in solidarity with Eric Sheppard, a Valdosta State University student who made headlines in 2015 for standing on an American flag.

When Trump attempted to repeat the lie regardless during an interview on Meet The Press on Sunday morning, host Chuck Todd shut the candidate down with a series of questions that exposed the lie.

(watch from 5min 27secs)

Trumps response?

“What do I know about it? All I know is what’s on the internet.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, is this the kind of person you really want sitting in the White House and representing American interests abroad?

Featured Image via YouTube Screengrab