Donald Trump Tweets Out Direct Threat To Bernie Sanders And His Supporters (TWEET)

What’s happening in the United States is not okay. What’s being allowed to happen is not okay. We currently have a person running for President of the United States who is not only condoning violence, but instigating and encouraging it. Recent Donald Trump rallies have turned into something very reminiscent of Nazi Germany from the 1930s and 40s. If this doesn’t terrify you, wake up. If you approve of this, you’re part of the problem.

In yet another move to motivate his band of merry morons who are clearly unhinged and will do his bidding at a moment’s notice, Trump tweets out a direct threat to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as well as his supporters who attend his rallies. The real estate mogul seems to think that Sanders is lying when he says that his supporters aren’t told to go to Trump events, so he took that as his cue to threaten Sanders back.

Trump said:

“Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!”

This threat isn’t even thinly veiled. Telling someone to “be careful” insinuates harm may follow. He’s literally giving permission and telling his version of brownshirts to go to Sanders rallies. This tweet will most certainly encourage several of his supporters to go. This is getting very scary, folks, and Trump needs to be held accountable for inciting violence.


Bernie Sanders has since spoken out against Trump and his ridiculous allegations. The Sanders campaign just retweeted this to make the message clear. Bernie said while on ABC News:

“Well, I think anybody who understands Mr. Trump’s campaign knows that he tells the truth very, very rarely, and I’m afraid that on this occasion, he’s lying again. First of all, he calls me a communist, obviously that’s a lie. Then he says that our campaign is organizing disruptions of his rallies, that’s a lie… We have millions of supporters out there, and clearly some of them were at that rally along with many many other protesters. But to say that we organized that — totally untrue.”

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