This Constitutional Attorney Is Schooling Trump On Twitter And It’s Hilarious (TWEETS)

Ever since Donald Trump decided to cancel his campaign rally in Chicago, he and the conservative media have been doing everything they can to spin the narrative. They really want people to believe that protesters denied Trump his First Amendment rights — which is patently absurd.

One constitutional attorney, Andrew Seidel,  who works as for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, has been schooling some of Trump’s supporters on the law and it is hilarious.



Seidel wrote up an account of his educational trolling on Storify. That’s where he wrote:

“The rise of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate stopped being funny a few months ago. It’s serious. This man, who is too thin-skinned to hear an insult, will have control of our nuclear arsenal. He will have a presidential podium to hawk his steak, wine, and other infomercialesque products. The lives of every American serviceman and woman will be in his tiny hands. Put simply, we have a duty stop bullies from attaining political power and Trump is nothing but a scared bully. When he started claiming his First Amendment rights were being violated by protesters fed up with his vitriol and dishonesty, I couldn’t let it go.”

Here is how Seidel fought back against Trump’s lies.

As Seidel has so beautifully demonstrated, Trump’s claims about Chicago’s protesters are absolutely ridiculous.

If we look at some of the facts surrounding the events that unfolded on Chicago Friday night, it is is very clear that Trump was asking to have a huge protest response. Not to sound too conspiratorial, but it almost as if his campaigned planned this. Chicago is a bastion of leftist radical organizing. It would have been shocking if there hadn’t been a massive demonstration at the campaign event.

His campaign staff made the conscious decision to hold an event at the University of Illinois at Chicago. A racially diverse University with a politically active student body and a heavy Black Lives Matter activist presence. Now, Trump is using the rally as a justification for his supporters to go to Bernie Sanders’ rallies to protest Sanders. Trump is also once again enjoying having total domination of the media’s focus.

Now, Trump isn’t an idiot. He is, however,  a master manipulator. He knows that his rights were not violated. He is only using this narrative to further crystallize his followers support and lionize them to take bolder actions against his opponents. The media needs to start calling him out on his bullsh*t the same way that Mr. Seidel is doing.

Featured image from Gage Skidmore via Flickr with tweets added.